Friday, 25 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Estella Wild

The party was full of blood and guts.
During the full Sap Moon, held in a private land with gardens and a domed observatory.
The host is the cold hearted one, Marius Ulvar, an alpha werewolf. He comes from the deepest coldest forests of Norway. His long hair is cascading in sweat and dew. I was smitten.
I can see my friends Iris, Violets, Sapphire in the garden just as I arrived there. They held glasses of pink champagne and already it's taken to their heads. Werewolves tend to hallucinate a little bit with even the smallest alcohol.
"Redfang is here!" piped up Sapphire.
I felt my heart sinking. This fun party  was going to be spoiled with Redfang here.
"I hope that Redfang isn't staying too long," said I, not covering up my disappointment.
"Is that because he dumped you, sis?" asked Violets, the sarcastic one.
She annoyed me now. Redfang didn't dump me. He wasn't even my boyfriend! He was all over me and I wasn't interested in the slob. My friends teased me about him for ages.
As the party progressed, no sign of Redfang, and more people showed up, champagne all around. There seemed to be fifty people there.
A woman with a tray handed me a glass. The champagne tasted like strawberry icecream. 
"Please may I have your attention!"
A tall lady in a stunning indigo dress spoke on a microphone. She was the mother of Marius. She waffled on about the full moon, the privacy and security of this night and how the party is closed to the general public (for their own safety).
Marius stood in the shadows nearby, embarassed that his mother should intervene in his own party. His twentyfifth birthday party.
I approached Marius.
"Nice party," I smiled, and lied. It was a boring party. Too formal. His mother's idea.
He folded his arms and looked at me. His eyes were so hot, like burning blue flames. He knew I was bored! He made me shudder.
"Are you Estella Wild, the delta?" he asked.
"Yes," I wonder how he knew this. I haven't met him before. I've only heard about him and seen his pictures.
"Then you can join me in the hunt," he told me.
That voice was chilled. Chilling as the night.
As the moon rose, my skin itched and my eyes stung. My teeth were hurting, and I fell down on the grass. I bent over as my stomach filled in pain. Blood poured from my nose. I vomited blood.
Can I just add here that not all werewolves bleed during shapeshift.
Marius comforted me as I turned over on my back in agony, all my joints hurting as if they were broken. Marius didn't appear to feel any pain. Of course, he was an alpha werewolf and alphas are strong. He was already a wolf.
I became wolf eventually in a puddle of my own blood.
We soon ran around the garden, around the lake, across a bridge, in the copse. It was fun. We killed a couple of wild rabbits and devoured them together. Everyone else were busy chasing rabbits and other tiny nocturnal animals. 
Soon we fell asleep in the open, under the moonlight.
By morning twilight, I woke up in my human shape. My poor dress was filthy now covered in blood and dirt. Stained! Ruined.
Marius was still sleeping beside me. Then I noticed standing nearby watching me was Redfang.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him.
He laughed at me.
"Is this man your new boyfriend?" he leered, pointing at a sleeping Marius, now in a man's shape.
I quickly ran away but Redfang followed me and grabbed my arm.
"No you don't!" he snarled. "You're my mate!"
"Get off me!" I shouted.
Redfang was too strong and he wouldn't let go of my arm. I spat in his face. Then Marius came over and lunged at Redfang. He became a wolf, as Redfang stayed in his human shape. Some werewolves can only change into wolves at night.
Marius was tearing at Redfang's flesh, blood spattered over the grass and on Marius wolf. He was going to kill him. I couldn't have this death in my name. I'm not someone to be killed for.
"Stop it!" I screamed. Marius let go and bounded away. Redfang was a state and needed emergency help. Days later. Redfang is still in critical condition. Atleast he's still alive.
After this I realise Marius is certainly cold blooded and a man who will kill if he wants to. I can't be involved with him. And I don't want someone like Redfang either. I won't be attending a werewolf party like that again, especially parties hosted by alpha werewolves.

 ((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2016 Rayne Herbert.

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