Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Tanzy Bright Moon

It was cold when I transformed into a woman. The chill was like water from a glacier. Shuddering, I lifted a coat from the chair and wrapped it around me. My hair was long and felt like damp grass and I bit my humans' fingers to contain agony of being so cold.
"Tanzy, my little forest moon!" said a man's voice. He was handsome and strong, I recognised him as a friend, Dark Night Hunter, I wanted to jump at him and lick as I normally would do in my wolf's physique.
I wanted to greet him. He smiled at me and put his muscular arms around me, pulling me closer. He felt very tense and so warm. I could hear the man's heartbeats.
"Do you know me then?" I asked him.
Dark Night Hunter laughed.
"The wolf with the sparkling eyes, of course I know you."
"Dark Night Hunter, the entire forest belongs to my father," I reminded him. Just to assure him that it's us who own the territory.
He frowned at me.
"Lapu," Dark Night Hunter pronounced father's name slowly. "The old one still alive?"
"Of course he is!"
"He must be... knocking onto sixty! That is an incredibly ancient wolf!"
"He's not just a wolf."
I come from a lineage of canis lupis that are able to transform into humans once every year. Our years are spread as long as a human beings life span. It makes us very different to regular wolves. There are werewolves, out there, in the wilderness. Those are humans that transform into wolves. We are wolves who turn into humans.
We spent the night together.
I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, and I'm 27 years old. Remember that my true real body is a wolf, and my woman's form is temporary. Dark Night Hunter is the only human I can trust. He protects us against the outside world, but we also protect him and his family from sinister forces.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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