Saturday, 11 February 2017

My list of 5 evil queens

There is something making me want to give a list of some of the evil queens.

The first is The Evil Queen, in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". She's portrayed as extremely evil in the story, adaptions on film and in TV fantasy series. A cruel step mother, queen and a sorceress. Jealous, vain and not interested in the future heir of her step daughter. Associated with the magic mirror, a tool used in the occult for scrying, she's able to see things and communicate with a spirit in the glass.

Second is Maleficent, or the evil fairy in "The Sleeping Beauty."An evil fairy filled with anger and wrath, blaming an innocent child for not being invited to a baby shower party. Condemning the princess to death once she reaches a certain age, usually it's 18, but some versions vary. Her evil spell was undone by a late fairy who changed the fate of death to sleep.

Third is Akasha from "Queen of the Damned", a vampire queen and a danger to humanity. Vampires are not mortal but Akasha is an ancient one from before the time of the Egyptian pharoahs. She was frozen as a stone statue until modern times when awoke by music, she unleashed terror on the world. Destroyed many vampires, and planned to kill off most of humanity and use some of the survivors as slaves to worship her as a goddess.

Fourth is Cersei from "Game of Thrones", a cold blooded, heartless and corrupt queen. Interested only in power, killing and revenge. On her son's grave she fornicated with her brother as she had many times before. Once imprisoned and forced to walk naked in the streets at the walk of shame, losing her children, this made her a sympathetic evil queen. She was crowned as queen of the iron throne, a seat of complete power of the seven kingdoms.

Fifth is Jadis the White Witch from the "Chronicals of Narnia". A powerful snow queen type of character, who is white icy evil instead of dark evil. A sorceress who brought an ice age to a magical land with centuries long winters. A dictator and cruel, unfeeling, warlike and without pity. Many of the creatures and animals who people Narnia have tried to bring about her downfall.

I don't want to mention how the queens ended up as it will spoil the surprise for those not familiar with the stories. Those are just SOME of the evil queens. There are too many to go through but I hope that you've enjoyed my list of 5 Evil Queens.    

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