Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween the darkest holiday

The season of Halloween, also called Samhain by most pagans and historians, is here. It happens after the Autumn equinox and when the clocks are moved back one hour in a lot of countries. The moon phase this year for Halloween is the last quarter phase, but we experienced a Blood Moon last week. Interesting also is when the visible moon passes the Manger or Beehive Star Cluster, which is in the Cancer constellation.
Often we hear that Halloween is a time when the veil is lowered. There is a very old tradition worldwide in regards to this season being all about spirits and the paranormal. Kids have been dressing up in costumes for Halloween for hundreds of years. Today it's evolved as a fun event while in days passed, it was just the same but their costumes were a lot more freaky.
70 Vintage costumes that were creepy!
Enjoy looking at those ghastly costumes.
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