Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

"Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell" (1978) is a horror film directed by Curtis Harrington. It stars Richard Crenna, Yvette Mimieux and Kim Richards. For a film on a low budget and made for television, it was tame in as far as it didn't have blood and gore but it was good. Often though people link Horror calibre films with only blood and gore, while forgetting that a film can also be Horror without that gruesome stuff. This film's scare tactics was mainly supernatural and at times psychological.
A strange man selling fruit and vegetables coaxes children into taking one of the cute puppies found inside the truck. Little do they know that the puppy is from a litter of demons, created by a male Barghest creature and an ordinary female dog. The puppy grows up into a gorgeous yet normal looking household dog but there is something "cold" about him. The dog named Lucky is actually a sinister hellhound in disguise.
Rate of the film is 7/10
Best scene: Lucky the dog running in slow motion.
hOWLs ^^

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