Sunday, 7 October 2018

Review of Horrify Forest escape game

Another October night creepy computer game to play.

This momth I will review some computer horror games to enjoy in the season. Now I want to review a Point and Click game set in a scary dark forest called Horrify Forest Escape, by Wow Eascape Games. You must collect items that you see in order to find clues and work out on puzzles. Whenever you collect something, dancing ghosts will appear. The forest is very dark and it's set at night. Sinister music in the background just adds to the haunting mood of the game.You're led deeper into the dark haunted forest as you need to find more clues. It will take you to some relics and magical objects. You'll pass brightly coloured numbers and pinned up messages, all that you should take note of. This isn't a cute kids Halloween type of game, as it's quite scary and designed to be hard. There are objects buried in obscure hiding places so you'll need to stay there longer to keep looking for them and you may also lose sense of direction. As you do this, you'll get harassed by a ghost.

Halloween and scary themed games that are dangerous.

There is a game to play with friends called Light as a Feather. It needs one person to lay down and remain very still while the others go around the person and chant "light as a feather, stiff as a board." Some have reported levitation working, but others don't. 

Warning: A game to avoid is The Showbox Telephone involves the craft of making something with a shoebox, string and a paper cup to make an old fashioned style phone. It's often mentioned on Reddit and is not something to play with at all. Don't even attempt to begin this one as it's totally dangerous and it attracts unpleasant ghosts.

This lycanthrope says stay safe and be cautious.
Howls ^^

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