Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A werewolf Samhain

A message from all of us lycanthropes:
Have a very scary but howling happy Samhain.
Be careful who you open your doors to on Halloween as not all those who come knocking may be trick or treaters.
If you're happening to be out there trick or treating, always be wary of the houses you visit. Stay cautious of the sweets you're given. It's safe to avoid eating candy from strangers. Instead bury the food or leave them as offerings for the dead. Honour your ancestors. Gifts will be for the spirits and nature.
If you go out on Samhain night, wear some pendant, talisman or stone, preferably made of black tourmaline and amethyst. These stones are believed to protect someone against evil entities and negative energy. While the veil is lifted, all kinds of things can appear. Place these stones in your rooms and inside your car, wear them or carry them in your pockets.
You might also check out a long list of herbs that also protect against evil spirits:
Most of all enjoy the holiday!

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