Thursday, 28 September 2017

My view on Snow White

In reply to the question "Was Snow White bad?" here is my reply.
No she wasn’t bad. Snow White was a young princess who was destined to die. She eventually died but was brought back to life again from a kiss. There is a lot more to Snow-White because the tale itself is extremely old. It goes back to pre-Christian times.

Snow White is a tale of an immortal, perhaps a goddess, who wakes from the dead or long periods of sleep as it may be. There are ancient myths of young goddesses who return to the earth after disappearing for a while. In such stories, Persephone was stolen and disappeared in the underworld. She returned to the earth every Spring.

There is also Easter origins and the goddess Eostre/Ostarra, who appears to Midgard (land of humans) after a while. Sleeping goddesses or “dead” goddesses wake up after a cycle has passed. Then they return to sleep or the underworld again, only to come back again.

Snow White could be based on such a combination of these ancient young goddess myths. Another sleeping/dead princess is “Sleeping Beauty”. Woken by a prince, a warrior or hero. Again the archytype of those princes waking up these magical princesses from death sleep is like Sigurd the dragon slayer waking up the sleeping dead Valkyrie.

So no, Snow White isn’t “bad” or evil. She’s the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. There are many goddess maidens found in all European myths, such as Persephone, Eostre, Artemis, Skadi, Athena, Valkyries, Iris, ect. who inspire modern girls. All those Disney princesses are the Divine Maidens, goddess girls, who’s stories have ancient origins to begin with. 

by Rayne Belladonna 
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