Saturday, 2 September 2017

Spooky graveyard memory

When I was 14 years old. A friend of mine from school took me to see a “spooky church in the woods”. I couldn’t wait to see it while she was telling me all about these really scary ghost stories. I hadn’t been that way before so it was my first time going to see that famous church. (It was “famous” among the kids).
When we arrived there I noticed how very depressing it was. A massive graveyard, loads of trees and a vast number of stones. The church was filthy and decrepit with holes in the roof and ravens flying in and coming out. It was a really ancient looking church left abandoned goodness knows how long. The doors were pretty much rotted and trees were growing into it.
The graveyard was so old. Much of the stones were too old and I couldn’t read them as the engravings were faded. Some were covered in moss or black stains, or sunken into the ground. My friend wandered off towards that horrible church and something made me not go any further. She called me to lets go and explore this church but I didn’t want to. I just felt this barrier and I was sat down behind a stone, feeling so scared and really trapped.
I knew that if I went closer to the church, I might see something scary. I just decided to walk away and so I did, but my friend was really annoyed. Anyway I’ve got a blocked memory of this day. Weeks after we visited that creepy old church, friend told me that a ghost appeared and asked me if I saw it. She claimed it appeared in the graveyard near where I sat but I don’t remember.
Many years later I discovered that my dad used to visit the place when he was a kid. He went with friends and he told me that it was a ruined church back then during the 60′s. I visited the place 15 years later, and the church wasn’t there anymore, neither were those massive grave trees. They put a new church building in its place and it was active.

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