Sunday, 27 August 2017

Vampires and werewolves

I posted an answer to a question on Quora yesterday that I want to post here. The question was "If a vampire bites a werewolf would it be a vampire, a werewolf vampire or still a werewolf?" And I shall post the link to it at the bottom of this entry. Here is my comment (different pictures used here, some paragraphs made and slight edits:

A vampire is undead. It should be affected by a werewolf bite. If a werewolf was bitten by a vampire, the werewolf would probably die. If an ordinary wolf or a dog were bitten by a vampire, they would become savage monsters. Werewolves and vampires crossing over is Hollywood. In actuality, werewolves are not as you think, but neither are vampires. I’ll spare you the boring historic answers. I’ll jump straight to the original meanings in Europe. 

A werewolf originally was a warrior who dressed in a wolf’s pelt and wolf’s head, entered battle and took on this berserker (Ulfhednar) mode, or blood rage. Vikings included Berserkers and Ulfhendar. So feared were they, these animals (mainly wolves and bears) turning into men with weapons. It’s also to do with the fact these selected warriors of Berserkers and Ulfehdnar had lycanthropy and were shamanic therianthropes. 

Vampires started out as ghost stories of the dead returning to feed on the blood of the living. They have tales from various sources but linked with parasitic entities. Some true vanpires they say are people who suffer rare skin conditions and blood disorders. Vampires and werewolves both reached their horrific reputations thanks to history itself, mass murderers, ruthless blood suckers, infamous warlords, the Plague and rabid animals. Then you’ve got the early gothic horror literatures (dark fairytales like Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and “Red Riding Hood” by the Brothers Grimm).
Werewolf fiction
Vampire fiction
We’ve been on a diet of films and TV for generations now. Amongst that is full of horror stories, films, dramas and series on werewolves and vampires. Music also, art too. People love to be scared. So when a vampire bites a werewolf, is it a diseased undead person biting a warrior shapeshifter with rabies? Or is it an undead person who loves drinking blood for survival? Is the werewolf someone controlled by the moon into becoming a wolf? or is it someone who is just mad?

Rayne Belladonna

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