Sunday, 6 January 2019


Often associated with places like Nahanni Valley or "Headless Valley" in Canada, the Waheela is a legendary creature of oversized wolf characteristics. The region got its name from grisly findings and a mysterious number of missing heads and dead bodies. It's a very ancient belief that the giant white wolf the Waheela lived there. The area is very isolated, unexplored and dangerous to get to.
There are sightings also in Alaska. The Waheela resembles a very large white wolf, and sounds a bit like the giant mythical Amarok. The Waheela and the Amarok wolves tend to hunt alone or in pairs. Regular common wolves hunt in packs.
The myth of the Waheela is so ingrained that some, like zoologist Ivan Sanderson, believe it's based on a true animal, like the prehistoric Direwolf and the Amphicyonidae.
Due to quite a number of reports, this Waheela creature is now a cryptid.  What is it?
Could some prehistoric animals like the direwolf still exist today in isolated pockets of the wilderness? And the sightings of large wolves with freakish traits like dogmen and waheela be those? Or are they an unknown and undiscovered or yet to be classed species?
You can also choose what you believe it is.
Howls ^^

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