Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Blood Moon night

Last night was a Super Blood Wolf Moon and I often get erratic patterns during this phase. Sometimes I'm tired, othertimes I'm active. The full moon keeps me restless and that one big bad moon last night is the final of the Super Blood Moons we'll experience for a while.
Super blood wolf moon time is about eating and staying warm and dry and eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, work/studying/tasks/chores and eating. Yesterday we had a simple meal because I was tired and eager to rest. The day before that was a superblood again and I cooked a rare burger steak.
Top tips for lycanthropes during a full moon is to drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol, eat lightly, sleep. The moon's influencing powers can effect people and make them unstable, aggressive, hyperactive and upset. It can also cause insomnia. Just as you would cope with a vibrant hot sun, take precautions against the moon also.
Howls ^^

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