Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Dark Winter games 3

These "Dark Winter" games will draw to a close now with the third review. This online game is a frosty looking fantasy game called Snow Wizard Land. It's set in a rather icy wintry landscape mountain region full of wizards. This is a game by Big Escape Games, and your character is lost and has to find a way out of there. The music is adventurous sounding and the scenes are beautiful. The puzzles can be quite hard to locate. Just a tip for you: some clues are not as they seem. It's illusory, so click on them again to see the real clue appear. Otherwise you're stuck there!
For sleepovers or nights in, playing spooky games can be something else. There is Veronica, similar to Bloody Mary. From Russia is a game called Sweet Tooth Gnome, played at night after midnight, with two or more players. You need objects including a bar of chocolate, scissors, ball of string and a mirror. It should be played in the dark. This game will invite an entity who'll eat the chocolate, and if you don't follow the rules properly, it could bite you.
Okay that will be enough of the scary games.
Future game reviews that I post will be about computer games only.
Howls ^^

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