Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My critique of Disney ladies Buzzfeed census

After viewing the Disney Ladies Census HERE by Buzzfeed I wanted to make a short post.
It carries out age, names, country, race, hair colour, skills, marital status, employment, sidekick, clothes and family.
Included in the census are a few Disney ladies that most people wouldn't have heard of (such as Kida, Megara and Eilonwy).
"61% of them are from Europe" says Buzzfeed. These characters are all based on fairytales, history and mythology. Tiana is from the USA because Disney set "Princess and the Frog" in modern America.
Ariel is from "Ocean" according to the Buzzfeed census even though she should really be from Denmark as that is where her storybook origins come from. There is even a "little mermaid" statue in Copenhagen. A bronze Ariel I should say.
"28% are Caucasian". I wonder why the Caucasian category has Kida but not Esmeralda. Kida is from Atlantis and it's unknown what race of people lived in Atlantis. Her features somewhat look like the people living in remote tropical islands. Now Esmeralda is French and Romani.
Because the census is a little bit old now, Moana isn't listed.
Buzzfeed made a mistake with sorting hair colour of the Disney ladies. There is a category for white hair so why wasn't Elsa included in that? Her hair is white isn't it.
Also why didn't the census include Tinkerbell? They always forget the fairies.  

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