Thursday, 2 March 2017

Shadow cat

Last week I had a very strange experience.
It occured roughly at around 7 p.m. outside in the street as I took a quick trip to the corner shop. On my way back home, I passed a group of houses around the corner from my home. It was dark and the lights were on inside some of the houses. Something caught my attention.
Inside one of the houses, the downstairs was lit up and curtains closed. There was a large moving shadow there against the curtain that shows something had to be inside up close to the window. It was walking slowly along a raised platform/furniture inside the house so that I could make out the full shape of the animal. It was a very large cat. Not a domestic cat. It wasn't a dog. The shape resembled a big cat, or really a tiger. I've posted a silhouette picture of a tiger as that is what the shadow looked like.
This animal was huge! It's body shape, head, legs, tail all looked like a tiger. This "tiger" shadow was walking slowly/prowling inside a house. Then it reappeared in the next window.
Not only did I feel shocked that I could see a very large cat inside a house but I was gobsmacked when it showed up in a second window because that meant it could walk through walls! The second window belonged to the next door neighbour.
Did I witness a shadow of a big cat? It looked that way to me. It also seemed to be a type of phantom as it was passing through walls.
I've researched into the Mystery Big Cats of the British isles and I think that I may have seen my first mystery big cat. It wasn't in physical detail but a shadow cast on windows, but I know what I saw.
Anyway I had to share this with you all. For anyone that reads my blog, I cover lots of things to do with the unexplained, myths, stories and even earth science. 

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