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The Power of Frigga

The goddess Frigga is the wife of Odin. She's the queen of Asgard and shares a throne with her husband, to look out all over the universe. She is the mother of the god Balder. She is of the Aesir and Asynjur. Her great property is Fensarlir, the Marsh Hall, where the spirits of the dead court and love one another. She's a goddess of prophesy and will reveal nothing. She's a goddess of the sky, atmosphere and spins clouds. A constellation of stars was named after Her, called "Frigga's distaff" to mean Frigga's spinning wheel. It's the same constellation that is also named Orion's Belt.

Her favourite garments are long white robes worn with a golden belt dangling with keys. On her head she wore a golden crown with beautiful birds plumes. Always been considered a goddess of love, marriage, childbirth, weaving, wisdom and femininity.

She's been confused with Freya linguistically. Many scholars find that Frigga and Freya correspond as each are in tune with the planet Venus and Friday. Freya is of the Vanir gods and came into the Northern myths later, so that She and Frigga are associated as part of the Germanic pantheon. The Vanir and Aesir are different types of gods. It's possible these are from different tribes of people in ancient times that interconnected with stories of their gods.The Vanir are gods of fertility and the land. Aesir are the gods who lived in Asgard.  

Frigga, also named Frigg, Frige, Frig, Frija and Fricka is overlooked as a powerful goddess. Many just regard Her as a domestic goddess married to Odin. There are some incredible powers that She has and it's interesting also to dig deeper and deeper into the mystery of this high ranking goddess.

She has the power of the Norns.

She is not able to alter fate but creates it.

She is able to see the future but cannot show what it is.

She is not just a sky mother, but a creator of many things.

Frigga's spinning wheel itself is symbolic of women, creativity, spider webs, wisdom and magic. But there is another primal wisdom of the spinning wheel, long before such technology was invented. The goddess Frigga spins fate and the planetary orbits. She creates the motions of life, circles in the sky that everything travels on, and like a wheel, turns round.

Her name is traced back to the Sanskrit language "Pny" (wife).Other goddesses who share a similar wording of the name Frigga, are Brigid, Brigantia, Parvati, Eurynome, Hathor, Aphrodite, Venus.

The name "Frigga" can be heard when listening carefully to the sound of earth's magnetic field. This can be heard from a satellite. There can be other sounds distinguished.

The goddess Frigga is associated with the colour green. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and associated with weaving. It's a combination of golds and sky blue.


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