Monday, 6 January 2014

Wisdom of the Arctic Wolf

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2014 be a really glittering time. For all those who've had a terrible winter holiday, because of the storms and losses, blessings to you all. The earth goddess, Mother Earth, or Erda (some refer to Her as "Gaia"), loves you and all the animals and even the nurturing life giving plants and waters. It's too big a subject to get into because the earth is not like a human being. We are small, mortal creatures who dwell on this floating garden. Respect Mother Earth.

Now listen. There is something you have to be aware of. Through meditation and spiritual channeling, I've encountered a large white wolf, who looks like the arctic wolf as it's fur is the same colour as snow. Some shamans believe every animal teachers us something but it's tapping into this animal wisdom, which is hard. Some of you might've seen loads of reference to a particular animal all the time. This is a message.

The Arctic wolf, who's suited for harsh icy living, dwells in the frigid regions of the far north. Scientifically named Canis lupus arctos, this wolf is a subspecies of the grey wolf and roams in packs across vast distances. Some arctic wolves hunt alone. They are described as being the largest of the wolves today.

Arctic wolf wisdom teaches us to be determined, have great will power and prepared to face tough challanges. Arctic wolf teaches also how to accept the severe conditions forced on us, how to cope in terrible winters, to move on when out homes have been ruined. Arctic wolves show us that nature has to remind humans to toughen up despite losses and to recognise the will to survive. Appreciating life is a key to finding true happiness. See the winter as a home that comes around again and again, and not as an enemy. Prepare for any disasters, be ready, keep going. We are not alive just to reach old age but we're here to enjoy food, build shelter, keep young and pass on stories. If our lives are shattered, move. Don't live in unstable places but if you do, expect what comes. Don't be surprised.

Link on the amazing Arctic Wolf:

White Wolf Sanctuary

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