Monday, 23 July 2012

Tree of Thunder

This oak tree is found at my nearest park.

Not far from my house is a park with a big oak tree, with braches outstretched both left and right. In the centre is a diagonal streak caused by lightning. That event of being struck by a lightning bolt happened shortly after I moved into this part of England. Some of the tree collapsed and was taken away. It looks more slender than it was originally since getting thunder struck. The lightning made a deep incision and charred off the tree's bark layer. This happened several years ago and today the tree still wears that lighting scar. So because of this, I've named this very tree Thor's Oak.

Trees struck by lightning happen. The storms are full of electricity and the bolts are attracted to the highest object. Lighting aims for tall metal points but even organic objects standing out alone in a clear area. So please avoid standing under trees when a thunder storm occurs.

When you look up "lightning oak trees" you should get images of trees covered in scratched and burn stripes.

In Norse myth, the god of thunder is Thor. Oak trees are sacred to Him. That is why I called the local tree this because it was struck by a thunderbolt.

What happens when a tree is hit by lightning? Obviously trees catch fire when lightning hits them but some survive and remain standing for years, despite what happened. Oak trees holding lightning signatures are blessed with energy and retain enough moisture to prevent total combustion.

These stricken trees hold energy formula from the sky. The lightning passed down through them and sent electric particals downwards into the ground, through their roots and at the heart of them. They carry potent magic because of this. The lightning continues to do something to those trees for trees contain a "memory" and record within it's wood. Rings will tell the signs in the distant future about it being hit by lightning. Lighting bolts shake trees as well as set them on fire but also they change other trees, full of atmospheric quality.

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  1. Thor's Oak is a great name for that tree! Clearly, a tree of power.