Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rapunzel tower and death

A few miles away from my house is a large cemetery that I felt like checking out. I went over there recenly and found it was... despite it looking so pretty with blossoms on the trees, birds, squirrels and wild bunnies... it was creepy! Each headstone was unique and it is a beautiful and quiet place. Plenty of massive twisted trees.
The entrance was difficult to find. I was led up to a path alongside the cemetery's massive red brick wall with iron spikes over 7 feet high, and it came to a dead end. I turned another way and had to walk along a very thin path next to a main road, until I came to the entrance to the cemetery and I went in. What struck me first of all about the cemetery, was this giant thin tower. The tower building (an empty old chapel) was locked and boarded up heavily with metal grates. No one can get in, not even wild animals could go in there.
Alongside the arched stone leading into the other end of the cemetary, are stone heads looking at anyone that comes in. It was nice architecture but so very weird. At night this place is definately spooky. The tall tower has a barricaded door but some tiny openings high up near the top. It might be a good home for bats? The high tower room must be quite small.
I'm reminded of the tower that Rapunzel was living in. It's so much like the Rapunzel tower. I could imagine her living up there!
Anyone familiar with the story, knows Rapunzel has magical long hair used for others to climb up to see her. The tower is her prison. The witch, who raised her (in a terrible way) climbed up Rapunzel's long hair. The prince climbed up Rapunzel's hair, making the witch very angry enough to cut off Rapunzel's hair and (attempt) to kill the prince, leaving him blind.
Everyone wonders how Rapunzel escaped. It's obvious that the witch made her climb down her hair. Hair is significant as it can be interprated as a lot of things, from strength, beauty, crowning glory and telepathy.
There are many stories of men losing their powers after having their long hair cut. It's also been proven that warriors with long hair lose skills after losing their hair. Having ones hair cut is sometimes distressing. Rapunzel's haircut made her alter her life forever. She was reunited with the prince later on in the story but he was blind. Her tears of joy helped recover his sight.
Rapunzel isn't an ordinary mortal but a magical being: angel, elf, nymph, valkyrie, goddess or a fairy. She doesn't have wings but her hair is extremely long and helped her to interact with the outside world, and the prince fell in love with her.
With her long hair I'm reminded of the silver cord and astral travel. The witch severing Rapunzel's hair could be an act of cutting the silver cord? There is much darker things in that story that I will focus on another time when I post more about fairytales.

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