Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blessed Eostre

I want to say have a really happy Eostre (Easter/Ostara).
The holiday has arrived quickly and amid blossoms, the Pink Moon, birthdays and warm air.
It's a time to feast on chocolate eggs but also keeping tame about that!
Eggs are a magical sign of new life, birth and surprises.
The spirit of the easter bunny that comes from ancient descriptions of the goddess Eostre and her sacred animals, such as wild hares.
Alice in Wonderland is a magical story but has hidden meanings that even Lewis Carrol probably tried to get across. Alice follows a white rabbit down a tunnel and this is similar to old English folklore about witchcraft, white hares, shapeshifters and the moon.
The link with bunnies and eggs is obscure. Rabbits are highly fertile and don't lay eggs. There is a missing link in many of the traditional tales and customs. Rabbits, bunnies and eggs, all go back to pagan times and the worship of Spring goddesses, the arrival of flowers and warm sunlight.
Creatures that do lay eggs are birds, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles. These animals don't feature in the holiday of Eostre at all, so that must be symbolic of the ovum and pregnancy. Decourating and eating eggs is a very old pasttime. It's like everyone giving thanks to spring.
In my honest opinion, eggs represent love as well as new creations, life, birth and rebirth.

(The baby dragon hatching from the egg is from Windstone Editions). 

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