Thursday, 20 April 2017

Silver bombshells

There are many blonde bombshells. And fewer silver bombshells.
Silver hair isn't yellow or golden blonde. It's silver blonde like metallic silver and moonlight, white, with a very pale blue sheen. The hair of young light elves are silver blonde in colour. Silver hair glitters and is luminous as the full moon, ice and snow. Silver is associated with the moon, stars, night and magical powers. However, the regular golden blonde is associated with the sun.
The Irish folk stories of the fairy type Banshee has silver blonde hair. The light elves of Norse myth have silver hair. Unicorns were said to have been silver in colour. The astral self is connected with a silver cord. Silver is supposed to protect against evil spirits and werewolves.
Silver, not golden, hair is potent and otherworldly. It's considered a bad omen by some cultures, and people have cast out anyone from communities who were born with silver hair, mainly those with albinism. Sadly albinos have been murdered because people were scared of their white silver hair. There are also non-albinos with silver hair.
Women have artificially made their hair silver throughout time, using wigs, powder, chalk, peroxide, silver hairspray, tinsels and cobwebs. Normal yellow blonde equals gold. Silver and gold are different colours, different metals. In the fairytale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," the girl was originally silver haired and not golden haired. The story was called "Silverlocks and the Three Bears". This meant that the heroine of the story was not an ordinary girl but a supernatural being, i.e. a fairy, witch or a light elf. Giving her name and hair "goldenness" turned her character into a mortal child.
Silver hair in popular culture is often someone with incredible powers and beauty, fame, abilities and heroism. Here is a list of some silver blonde women and men:
Marilyn Monroe - Beautiful star, goddess and actress.
Elsa - A young queen with ice powers from "Frozen".
Daenerys Targaryen - Queen of dragons from "A Song of Ice and Fire" books.
Storm - Powerful sorceress (mutant) of the "X Men".
Legolas - Elf from Middle Earth.
Jack Frost - Legend and character in "Rise of the Guardians".
Now I must focus on the most popular silver blonde bombshell of all: Marilyn Monroe. Her fantasy world counterpart is Daenerys Targaryen (although some might not agree, LOL!). Marilyn's Disney princess counterpart is Elsa from "Frozen". Elsa and Daenerys are counterparts of one another, as each are powerful queens, one rules ice, the other rules fire. All have silver hair. Elsa's male counterpart is Jack Frost. It goes on... the silver blondes tend to be quite extraordinary with their rise to fame. These people are favourites who are loved by many and feared by many.

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