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Video of a dire wolf

There is a video circulating around the internet, showing a very big wolflike animal chasing a domestic dog. Many newspaper articles, (such as Daily Mail and The Sun), as well as numerous Youtube links posted the video and found the creature "mysterious". They're not calling the animal a common grey wolf or a timber wolf but instead called it a "Dire Wolf". Such a creature as the Dire Wolf became extinct roughly 12,700 YBP.
Also to add to the speculations already, it's said that the animal is a dogman cryptid. A dogman is a type of werewolf or wolflike creature with the body like a human or almost humanlike, but the head of a dog or a wolf, depending on the sources, witnesses and reports. Some dogmen are known to move on all fours like a regular wolf but most are bipedal, which is what many people have seen happen. That video footage reveals a half hidden animal, that gives chase to a barking dog, while the man filming the clip yells "Hey!" at the end just before you hear the dog shriek when it's close to the wolf. I shall call it a wolf for now, but there are many things about it that doesn't add up.
First of all, the video isn't really that long and pretty grainy to begin to examine. The dog appears small by comparison to this big wolf, but the dog itself is not a large breed of dog either.
The original uploader had cut most of the film. What we see is a shortened part. The original was showing the dog being attacked, but soon someone fired a shotgun in the air to frighten off the wolf. The dog survived with a few scratches. Now this is the story behind the video:
According to the page that I included in the link above, "Monstrous wolf chases dog in northern Saskatchewan" at Stranger Dimensions, the creature appeared around that location for about a week, so the man decided to go out and film it. The man is a fishing guide, with his dog named Skipper. The dog Skipper became frantic and barked at the wolf. Skipper was then hurled into the air by the wolf. Another fishing guide shoots with a gun to scare away the wolf.
The author of the article at Stranger Dimensions smugly wrote at the end: "So there you have it. It’s always interesting to see how stories shapeshift over the years, don’t you think?" Okay, the writer seems happy that the wolf turned out to be what they think is none other than a regular wolf and not a dire wolf, dogman or a werewolf. But that wolf in the video is NOT a regular common wolf. The wolf as described in the True Story at Sascatchewan is NOT a regular common wolf either.
Clues in the article that show how this couldn't have been a common wolf:

1. "The wolf had already been appearing in the area over the previous week. At first, it ran away at the sight of the camera, but later returned".
2. "Immediately, one of the other guides fired a shotgun into the air, and the giant wolf retreated... it did return a few more times..."

Now let me quickly tell you something about common wolves. According to scientific research of Kananaskis Country, wolves have changed their patterns to avoid humans (link to article posted below).Websites on biology, animals and wolves specifically inform the public that wolves are afraid of humans and avoid going near human places. 
The wolf in that video has been lingering around the site for a week. Even after gunshots were fired to shoo the wolf away, it returned "a few more times". People can say that it was after the dog. That in itself is still unique and strange because the dog is surrounded by humans and that wolf didn't kill the dog, but roughed it up.Wolves have been caught on tape at night dragging away dogs, although there hasn't been any humans in sight. Wolves are often masters of stealth.
What also stands out in that quote above is that the wolf disliked the camera. This must be said that supernatural creatures such as Bigfoot hate being filmed. Most animals don't like the flash of cameras but neither do some people. That camera doesn't seem to be using any flash photography or does it seem to be an old fashioned camcorder with noise and movements. It looks as if the film was made by a small device. Often wolves are curious about cameras and sniff them.   
Another very different event of a wolf approaching a dog ended up with a magical story as this one: What Happens When A Wild Wolf Approaches A Dog Common wolves such as the grey wolf and timber wolf have a bad reputation anyway and they're on the endangered species list. 
That wolf in the video chasing Skipper has been a very persistent wolf. It kept stalking and then returned to the site. It's very large in size and powerful enough to fling a dog up into the air, while humans watched! That wolf in the video was too close to the people, as wolves usually avoid people anyway. It's not scared of humans.The wolf didn't like the camera and was more afraid of it than it was afraid of the humans. This creature didn't behave normal for what we know of common wolves. This is about all I will say for now.  
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