Thursday, 6 September 2018

Scary schools

It's Back to School season. For that I shall post about creepy schools. There are countless haunted schools everywhere so I will mention them.
Anteneo de Manila is a university in the Phillipines filled with ghosts and mysterious creatures. Although it's just over 150 years old, once run by jesuit priests, then used by Japanese soldiers during WWII. It's now full of sudents there to learn and study. Many experienced paranormal activities while there.
St Andrews University in Scotland is extremely haunted. The university is a Medieval place founded in 1413 that looks like a creepy castle. The ghosts haunting the university include: "Archbishops, Martyrs, Royals, White Ladies, Green Ladies, Grey Ladies, Blue Ladies, Phantom Monks and fishermen. A doppelganger, a phantom car, a ghost ship, mysterious skulls, a floating head, ghostly golfers, a phantom coach trundling the streets in the early hours, ghostly figures in black, an array of classical hauntings and an abundance of poltergeist activity to force the mind into admitting their reality". [sic].
Next is G-Burg or Gettysburg College, a beautiful school filled with hauntings. It was founded in the early 19th Century. The ghosts are often experienced by those at the college. Ghosts tend to be from the American Civil War era but there are other anomolies and strange goings on that could be felt and heard. More follow link.
Another spooky school with a Civil War background is the University of Alabama. Founded in 1831, it claims hauntings in and around the campus including the library. The university has a popular football team and it's own museum featuring dinosaur bones. Ghosts of civil war era soldiers haunt the location are well known. There is also a negative energy because of deaths that have happened there. Students have felt threatened and under attack by supernatural forces.
Before there was a university, there was a medical school that was mostly destroyed by an atomic explosion that claimed the lives of about 800 students and staff. It was about 600 metres away from the blast. Then Nagasaki University in Japan was made in 1949 and yet it's haunted with mysterious screams, crying and smells of burning flesh.
University of Cambridge in England was founded in 1231. Resembling a giant fortress, the university is extremely haunted. The whole of Cambridge is haunted. It's said to be haunted by famous characters like Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I. There are special ghost hunts and ghost tours going on there.
There is just too many creepy haunted schools.
You can read about others if you go to the following links:
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