Thursday, 13 September 2018

Tiny scarecrow creep

It's September and harvest season so that brings me to talk about a creepy scarecrow. In 2005 there was a reported sighting of a cryptid that looked like a tiny scarecrow. This happened in the farming village of Huay Nam Rak, Chaing Rai province in Thailand. The picturesque countryside around the small village has luscious trees, flowers, crops and veggie patches. On one sunny morning of 31st August 2005, a farmer named Ti Kitkangbon had something moving across his fields of lemongrass and rice that was witnessed by several people. The first to see it was a cyclist named Sawaeng Bunratchasak, who said that it was between 8 and 8.30 a.m. that he saw a little figure, which he first assumed was a scarecrow but it was moving over a ridge and through the fields. The creature noticed the cyclist and turned to stare at him with glowing red eyes. Bunratchasak was scared, as he knew it wasn't a scarecrow at all but a living creature of some type. He informed people in the village of what he saw. More people went into the field and saw the creature for themselves. It was described as "70cm high", yellow in colour, a large head with big ears and big red eyes. The creature was able to float and appeared unafraid of the humans.
It was an encounter that attracted the police and media. It was soon believed that the villagers had seen a balloon in the shape of a doll that floated there from another village. Also others claim that a storm carried off a load of scarecrows and that the people of the village were seeing only one of the wind blown scarecrows. None of these scaptical views take into consideration that the people living in the village have seen the creature alive and have features that the scarecrows and balloon didn't have.
Taiwan is full of myths and legends about mysterious creatures that include the mô-sîn-á who are the goblins, fae and other "little people" creatures. Could one of those creatures have been seen at the village of Huay Nam Rak? It could've been.
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