Saturday, 22 September 2018

Crazy spider season!

It must be said that Autumn is a time for spiders!
Yes that again. The least favourite thing about Autumn. Those creepy things have spun webs all around the garden and indoors! Many people try and put off spiders with putting conkers and nuts around the house, which is said to frighten spiders. That is just an old wives tale because spiders don't have any fears of conkers and nuts. What they don't like are peppermint sprays and noise. Dogs and cats often chase spiders away. It's long been believed that spiders are a lucky charm and they foretell a future with money.
Killing spiders has been considered very bad luck. Beliefs that spiders linked to prosperity, wealth and fortune is ancient as the hills. It was said that seeing a spider climbing up a wall can be magical, you need to say a wish and it will come true. Spiders that have made webs in the morning will bring nice weather. Spinning webs across your front door will invite friendships into your life. A spider put inside a walnut shell and then worn as a pendant can protect against plague. A spider on a wedding dress is a positive sign of happiness. Oh yuck. All of those beliefs are still recognised as truth! 
Basically most of us don't want any spiders indoors. Good fortune or no good fortune, they're not welcome here. Myth busting facts about spideeeeees.
Howls ^^

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