Monday, 10 September 2018


Karma is a witch.
Tamara is a 2005 horror film directed by Jeremy Raft, starring Jenna Dewan, Chad Faust, Matthew Marsden and Claudette Mink. This is part of Back to School season with a horror flick set at school.
Tamara is a shy schoolgirl who writes for the school paper, when her latest article just lost her reputation. Not only didn't she have friends to begin with but she caused aggro by reporting on the popular sports aces as having been on drugs. This girl isn't all as it seems though and isn't just a shy girl at all. She's a witch. And has a major crush on her favourite teacher, Mr Natolly. Tamara is happy when a call is made and it's her teacher inviting her to visit him at a motel. Little does she know this is all a set up. Her classmates think it's funny to get back at her for writing about them. It went horribly wrong though, and Tamara ended up dead and buried by her classmates. Soon she turns up in school as seductive and risen from the grave, with powers of teleportation and hypnosis. Her classmates are confused and stupid. She could easily control people just by touching them. A former friend stumbles across her book of spells and wants to reverse the magic to stop Tamara going too far. Already people have been brutally killed.
Tamara is a hybrid of "Carrie," "The Craft" and "Frankenstein Created Woman" movies. Carrie because it's about school bullying. The Craft because it uses witchcraft. Frankenstein Created Woman because of the shy girl teased by others who died and came back from the dead as beautiful and vengeful.
I rate this film a 6/10.
The most gruesome part of all was what a student did to himself with a knife.
Howls ^^

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