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Family hiding from werewolves

There is a story about a "pack of werewolves" who terrorised a family in Palmyra, Maine.
It happened one night, the Martin family were enjoying an evening at home during Memorial Day with some coffee. The head of the household, Eric, also an experienced hunter, had an injury at work that made him leave his job and move out into the area. The house that he picked was quiet, surrounded by beautiful forests and peaceful. His wife Shelley discovered the house first of all and she was going to care for her husband. Their older kids, Eric and Chelsea, helped out. Chelsea invited her boyfriend Nathan that weekend. They enjoyed going for walks with the dogs, and it was during this evening that Eric and Shelley sat on the porch, enjoying the coffee and first seeing the strangeness.
Dozens of shining eyes gleamed in the darkness by the trees. All of those eyes were staring at them. Eric and Shelley went inside the house quickly, to avoid being outside with whatever lurked out there. All of Eric's guns were locked away outside in a barn. Shelley locked the doors and closed the windows.
Eric decided to go out and reach for the car, but then an outdoor light switched on, bringing himself to the attention of the beasts from the forest. He saw one of them, a very large unknown animal. Eric, frightened, ran to the house. They phoned the police asking for help, but they were told to just stay indoors. The family looked out of the upstairs window and they could see a number of large shapes with glowing eyes prowling just outside of the house. They were worried that those creatures might break in through the windows, or kick down the doors. With the guns locked away in a barn outside, and no police were coming out to help, this family kept inside, watching the creatures outside.
The family fell asleep. By morning, the creatures were all gone. However, they discovered their own pet dogs were cowering in a small downstairs corner. The creatures didn't only scare the humans but also frightened the dogs.
In an interview with Cryptomundo, Shelley Martin described that night in vivid detail. I will make some quotes by Shelley here and then post a link to the full interview.

"And all I could think of – the leg, the thigh going down to the leg – the thigh reminded me of a kangaroo, and the foot, what was odd about it, it had a very long arch and a heel like a human. And then it walked on – they didn’t really look like toes as much as they looked like canine paws. With very long nails sticking out of it".
 "Their eyes were huge, and they were a greenish-yellow fluorescent – bright. And the bridge of their nose was about seven inches. They were about seven feet tall. We measured from where he was standing by that ten-foot door".
"You could hear them moving around. I don’t know if they were talking to each other, or what was going on. They were making these demonic noises and it was like almost a growl, but it was a communication noise". 

The above are quotes by Shelley Martin. To read the rest of the interview in full go here and visit the link:     

So what to make of that? This is very strange. I'm not going to say if what they witnessed was real. It might've happened to them and what they experienced was frightening but had they seen exactly what they thought were werewolves? Could they have been mistaken? Could those have been just regular animals like common grey wolves? It was dark, and senses are higher at night, making people feel fragile and more scared. If what they saw is real, then what does it mean?
I believe there are plenty of things science can't explain and doesn't know about. I'll be the first to say that werewolves appeared in that forest in view of the Martin family although it must be said, this isn't the first time incidents like this has happened. More reports around the world of "werewolves" being sighted are being uncovered, now that we're in the age of the internet and more stories like these are becoming available to see.
Paranormal Witness the TV series made an episode based on the experience of the Martin family in an episode called "The Wolf Pack".
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