Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The paranormal British Bulldog

The guardian spirits of the British Isles are the paranormal Black Dogs. There are so many rich and diverse sightings of these dogs, who range from the size of a greyhound to the size of a horse, some with red eyes, others with yellow or green eyes. These dogs are black as shadow with shaggy fur, and very sharp long fangs. People have been seeing them from today and across time as far back as before the Romans came. These dog entities have a fearsome reputation, the bringers of doom and death, while also they can linger around graveyards, guard temples, stroll through country lanes and even protect people from danger.
One of the most interesting articles about the subject that I've read is from Brent Swancer, and the page is found at Mysterious Universe. It's titled "The Black Hellhounds of the United Kingdom". The link is: 
The animal icon of the British Isles is the bulldog. This trend started in the 18th Century when political cartoonists added bulldogs beside Britannia and the lion. The term "Bulldog spirit" appeared in Victorian times and was used often again during the First World War to boost morale. While this looks so ordinary, the icon is "only" a symbol, they say.
A bulldog is a very muscular broad shouldered dog with a flat nose and a short legs. They're quite an old breed too. These dogs are strong enough to defend their human families from large predators. They have always been a favourite breed of dog over the centuries and even in ancient Greece for being guardians of the home and defenders of farm animals. The earliest ancestor of that breed is a mollosus dog, now extinct. These mollosus dogs protected herds of sheep, cattle and goats from wolves.
As long as the breed of dog has been favoured by peoples, the stories of the creepy Black Dog entities appear. A landscape as the British Isles, full of folklore and reports of the supernatural Black Dogs is also a home of the Black Dog where the bulldog is the icon of Britain. While other countries have mysterious hell hounds and Black Dogs, werewolves, dogmen and others, the British Isles are isolated and filled with spirits like this, with many layers upon layers of old accounts to the newest reports and sightings.
Is the British Bulldog icon really just a friendly familiar symbol as was meant to be? Or could it be the disguised phantom Black Dog showing up in the human psyche? The British Isles from Scotland, Wales, England and all of the islands around it are so full of fairytales, folklore, sightings and stories of the spooky Black Dog. The Black Dog is not just a demon, it's also a guardian. Each region has their own names for these dog spirits. So it's telling that the animal symbol of the entire British Isles is a dog!

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