Thursday, 2 August 2018

Night Shadow

The film "Night Shadow" (1989) is a werewolf film directed by Randolph Cohlan, and starring Brenda Vance, Rick Scott and Stuart Quan.
A TV journalist decides to have a break from her job and life in L.A. to visit her family home in a small town. She passes a strange broken down car with a creepy looking man stood beside it staring straight at her. However, an old man was unfortunate to offer the stranger a lift later on, much to his own doom. The stranger leaves a trail of blood and dead bodies. While local police are trying to investigate it, there is strife going on with bitterness between the sheriff and deputy and mayor. The journalist is reunited with her younger brother and godmother. Her brother is a kick boxer who has two friends who play tricks and enjoy going out drinking, much will get them into trouble when they come across weird stuff in a motel room where stranger keeps blood, books and rotten meat full of worms. The stranger in town is the werewolf who appears and disappears, but is full of thunder and lightning.
Entertaining late 80's popcorn horror on low budget with some laughs and confusing things. Plenty to wonder about, such as why the police never traced this odd werewolf much earlier.
I rate this movie a 3/10.
Most amusing part was the biker gang fight.
Howls ^^

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