Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Poison for the Fairies

This Summer fairytale horror film is "Poison for the Fairies" made in 1984. It was directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada, and stars Ana Patricia Rojo and Elsa Maria Gutierrez.
Forget the magic of Harry Potter and the sweet natured characters of The Worst Witch, these children in Poison for the Fairies are far more scary. This film is classed as a Horror or gothic, but I must say that it's basically an earthy and scenic film instead of a gory show with special effects.
The story centres on two girls. One is Flavia, a shy new girl that arrives to the school and is befriended by the class witch named Veronica. Flavia is eager to learn what Veronica knows. Veronica tells Flavia that she's really a witch and an owl tells her things. She pulled a joke on her classmates bringing in a snake and then blamed it on Flavia. She told Flavia that her name "Flavia" is a spider's name. Owch! Veronica wanted to have Flavia's favourite doll and then she took an uncanny dark interest in Flavia's new puppy. Veronica's parents are dead, and when asked if she misses them, she replied a sudden "No".
Veronica has an elderly grandmother who resembles a witch. She's given fairytale books, and is told that fairies are scared of witches. So Veronica's next quest is to kill fairies. She wants her friend to help her do that. We journey into a cemetery and a swamp, looking for toads, spiders, lizards and snakes' shedded skin. Apart from the witchy brew side of things, Veronica bullies Flavia throughout the film. If you want screenshots with a few cool quotes from this pretty witch film, visit Just Screenshots "Poison for the Fairies" page.
I rate this 7/10.
Favourite quote by a 10 year old Veronica is: "I want to be the most wicked witch of all".
Howls ^^

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