Saturday, 28 July 2018

Thunder moon

The predicted Blood Moon tonight was overshadowed by clouds and thunderstorms. This doesn't mean that the effects of the Blood Moon didn't happen. Nor does it mean that the magical period didn't work. It only means that people who experienced clouds and storms last night didn't see the Blood Moon. 

Can werewolves still change during a full moon if there's clouds?
Yes they can. To read a more detailed description of how this happens visit Mystic Investigations and see their answer to the question to how werewolves change during cloudy skies here: Mystic Investigations answer werewolf transformation during clouds

For Blood Moon prettiness, there is a fantastic picture called "Blood Moon Goddess" drawn by Arta Ji with an accompanying story. Go check it out: Blood-Moon-Goddess by Arta Ji

Howls ^^ 

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