Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Big blood moon and Mars

This month will see the longest lunar eclipse for this century. The night of 27th July and early 28th July 20018 will expect a Blood Moon eclipse that will last for two hours.
It's going to be a night for werewolves! The lunar eclipse will be a time for nocturnal selves to enjoy the celestial view. Those staying up late will want to see the eclipse moon and that is only if there is a cloudless sky where ever you are.
Also at this time, the planet Mars will appear brighter in the sky as it's visible from the Earth. It will be the nearest it's got to Earth on it's orbit for 15 years.
So here we have in late July 2018, mark on your calender, the events of the Blood Moon lunar eclipse and the closest Mars will be to Earth on 27th July. I don't want to bombard you with too much science and as much as it fascinates some people I will post a link to the night sky events below.
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