Thursday, 19 July 2018

Reading and stalking

A werewolf loves to stalk prey and that includes stalking its favourite websites. This page is going to be a bit of some howling good pages and info to look at and read. They're all related to the interests and subjects that this blog has featured. They include sites on creatures, monsters, lycanthropes, the paranormal and unexplained, magic and nature.

Favourite sites and books to read:

Scary for Kids - Visit 

The Old Farmer's Almanac (Founded in 1792) - Visit

The Spooky Isles - Visit

Your Ghost Stories - Visit

Phantoms & Monsters (Pulse of the Paranormal) - Visit

Creepy Pasta - Visit

Dogman Encounters - Visit

Mythical Realm - Visit

Ancient Origins - Visit

Gods and Monsters - Visit

Wild Spirit (Wolf Sanctuary) - Visit

Werewolf - Visit

Magical Recipes Online - Visit

Fantastic Fiction - Visit 

Good Reads - Visit 

"Immortal Hope" by Claire Ashgrove (book review)

"The Howling" by Gary Brandner (book review)

Willard Library Ghost cams - Visit

Werewolf News - Visit 

Moon Giant - Visit

More links will be added in time.
Howls ^^

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