Monday, 16 July 2018

Hybrid (2007)

"Hybrid" (2007) is a TV horror made by the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy).It's part of the "Maneater" series of films. Directed by Yalena Lansjaya and starring Justine Bateman, Tinsel Koray, Corey Monteith and Gordon Tootoosis.
A security guard named Aaron is severely blinded when an explosion happens and he attempts to rescue a colleague. He's given a new set of eyes thanks to a scientist who wants to expand on eye donations using different animals. The eyes that Aaron now has comes from a wolf who died from being torn to pieces by another wolf rival. Now that he's got a brilliant pair of yellow wolf eyes, he's taken on the soul of the wolf, influencing him so that his sense of smell is much greater, his physical strength is remarkably better and he can do things most humans can't. The woman that found the injured wolf, Lydia, who sent it to the healing centre (where Andrea works) tries to help Aaron come to terms with his new self.
Overall I give this film 7/10. The movie has a magical side to it. Also the daft side with its panto group of squaddies with guns blazing.
Funniest and stupid part of all was this chat:
Dr. Andrea Hewlitt: "Do you know what Lycanthropy is?"
Officer: "No". (Duh)
Howls ^^

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