Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Merrylin cryptid museum

Thomas Theodore Merrilyn was a naturalist and biologist. He studied animals, and made a collection of dead creatures and even cryptids such as fairies, dragons, vampires and werewolves. He kept them in a lab. So what does he have to do with the discovery of dead creatures found in a locked basement? A lot actually, because he owned them all and sealed the room a very long time ago.
Who was he?
Well according to the website of Merrylin Cryptid museum, Thomas Merrylin was born in 1782 and died in 1942! That would make him 160 years old. The site is dedicated to the Merrylin topic and species.
Have a look at the Specimens and decide for yourself.
It includes a baby werewolf or lycanthrope, a deformed infant kept in a wooden case. A skeleton of a hatchling dragon or Draco Magnus. Homo Lupus or simply a werewolf, as a small infant kept in a jar. There are many more lycanthropes and other creatures. Some of these species were collected initially by Edward Harrell, a researcher of lycanthropes.
Merrylin Cryptid museum
The research includes fossils, skulls, relics, hunting cases, books, machines, witch box, dead elementals, and other oddities and legendary creatures. Here the collection is found extraordinary and mysterious. Many people find these scary.
So have a browse and look at the strange collection.
Howls ^^

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