Friday, 15 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Lucy Ghost

Dear Fenrir's Daughters,
The moon was full and my eyes glowed red. Like a flash of lightning, I transformed into the pale beast thing and went outside. I vanished away into the woods, howling. I remember eating a wild hare. That was it.
'm the only werewolf in the village that I know. Orphaned as a child, grew up with a foster family, then sent here to live with an uncle who died some time ago now. At 29 years of age I'm single and live with my pets, some exotic fish and a ghecko. I work in a coffee shop as a waitress. Sometimes I go at partying at weekends with the few friends I have, unless it's a full moon, then I can't go.
No one knows what I am. So I felt gobsmacked when I came across a pile of dead hares during my lunch break. It wasn't because of me. They all had their necks snapped. I couldn't smell another werewolf, and the culprit didn't smell like a wolf, fox, dog, or even a cat.
There was a lingering human scent. I noticed that a house close by had flickering movements by a window. The upstairs window had a shadow of someone watching me. I backed away, then returned to work. Later that afternoon I passed the house on my way home. The dead hares were gone now, and I could whiff their scent trailing off into the front garden of that house. Something about that house interested me. I saw a shadow pass another window upstairs.
That night, I went out as a werewolf during the second full moon. The house was still very much a mystery to me. I wanted to go and see it. I noticed the house looked empty and I could tell nobody was in there except an owl in the garden tree, and some bats in the loft.
I hit upon perfumes and dead rabbits swirling in a scent path from the house going up into the village square. I kept in the shadows unseen.
The scent led me to a restaurant and so I waited. Some twenty minutes later, a couple exited from the restaurant, both smelling of perfumes and dead rabbits. It was the same scent. I followed them and watched them go into that same house. After they went inside, I sneaked into the garden and went alongside their house to the back garden enclosed by a high wall and yew trees. I found broken bones of animals in a corner near the embers of a bonfire.
On the grass was a doll in a black dress covered in pins. Then I realised the couple were probably witches and used animals for sacrifice. So I ate some of the grass in the garden and I vomitted over the witch doll so it would destroy any remaining curse.
Returned home and resumed my human self. I realise the woods need proper protection and my only request is to be given authority over the nature reserve. I want to protect the wildlife from humans, so that they can't be allowed to hunt, poach or kill animals.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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