Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Hunra Al-Qamar

The sun is shining through a glistening haze of sand. The TV is filled with noise from a cartoon show as my two little brothers play in their room, while mother is cooking. I have to go and ask her this burning question.
"Is it true your family box will have proof?"
Mother frowns. She keeps stirring a pot of vegetables, beans and eggs. It smells nice. She looks at me with fiery hazel eyes, but they're not as yellow as mine.
"No Hunra!" she snaps. "Leave it!"
I understand this is a touchy subject that mother really doesn't like. It concerns her own father so I leave her alone.
After dinner, my brothers played in the back yard. I went to the library, and searched around the family archives section upstairs. I found my mother's wooden box family treasure and it was locked. Lucky I had a copy of the key cut and didn't tell her that.
Inside was bits of paper, letters, beads, coins, medals and a small book with a flowery velvet cover studded with stones.It had old writing and was a diary made by my mother's father when he was young. It's true then. He was a werewolf.
He mentions changing at night on a full moon, and becoming a large wolf predator who chased animals around Cairo. He writes that he was nearly shot at. He also mentions a very interesting thing too that is so fascinating. He says that he's a descendant from a priest who served Anubis in ancient times, and that he too was a werewolf, as were other priests of Anubis.  Yes, I understand it all now. It explains my mother's fear of the subject. Her father was a werewolf and it used to frighten her. Now her daughter, me, has inherited this ancient trait! But I don't want to frighten mother. I will protect her and my brothers.
I'm Hunra and 16 years old. We, my mother and two brothers, live in a small house in Cairo, Eqypt, within the City of the Dead. There are tombs all around in the neighbourhood. At times, the animals are frightened away by ghosts and creepy energies. It could be just me that scares them! I'm not sure. Unlike grandfather, I don't intend to hunt animals. I prefer mother's spicy homemade dinners.
Being a werewolf and a descendant of an Anubis piest must keep the bad spirits away from my home. I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a huge international club for werewolf women and girls. I wanted to talk a little about my life, but not too much to bore you. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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