Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Fallon Garnet Fang

The wind was wailing as I attempted again to bring back power. All the lights went out and electricity was gone. Perhaps the pylon fell down, I wouldn't know. I lit many candles and switched on the battery operated heater. I need to keep my old gran and five year old twin brothers warm. My parents were away, and left me the sole carer of the small family for two weeks.
I was allowed time off school so I could do temping in the cotton factory. Someone had to cook and clean the house, take the kids to school and care for gran who was very ill. I was always worried about gran especially at night.
She transformed into a wolf once a month, but she stayed in bed as a wolf, and was even frail then. My parents posted gifts like boxes of toys and chocolates. They were busy enjoying a second honeymoon in the tropics!!!
The night of the winds knocking out the energy, I put an extra fleece on gran, who was now in her werewolf form. She stirred and continued sleeping, noisily breathing as though it was hurting her.
I covered my brothers in double blankets. I became my wolf shape, and was too worried to go out and leave the family by themselves. I didn't want anything to happen to them while I was gone. I stayed indoors, planning to take a nap when these nasty guests burst into the house.
Two strange big male werewolves. One was dark with cold blue eyes. He bared his teeth at me. He was not happy, and I felt scared of him. The other had pale streaks who came up to me and just stared deep into my eyes. Their auras were red as blood.
I couldn't help but feel sick. I wimpered and got down on my belly, lowering my head. My tail was limp. Both circled me and occasionally nipped at me on the shoulder, side, neck, face. Sometimes they bit me so hard I cried out almost humanlike as the blood trickled down from the wounds. I must've passed out because I woke up the next morning. I was covered in blood. My little brothers were crying, and gran was next to me. The strangers had left.
I told them what happened.
"I heard nothing. I'm so sorry," Gran cried.
It was horrible. I got the first aid kit and put plasters on my wounds. Each night, I didn't just lock up the doors and windows, I put tables and chairs across. Luckily the guests didn't return but when my parents came home, I told them about this. They went white. But they wouldn't say what was wrong. They admit that they want to sell the house and move us all to the city. I hope we never see those horrible werewolves again. 

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert. 

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