Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Indigo Fury

Something moved in the library. It smelled of blood and oranges:The scent of a benign spirit. Oh, it must be the Grey Lady of the Moon House. Yes she passed me with a veil of ice cold air, and a dense unhappiness that made me feel distressed at the same time as sick.
As a werewolf, I can't help the dead. I don't like being in company of ghosts either, it's chilling not to mention disturbing. But I set up the night vision camera, reluctantly, and press PLAY so that it might catch the resident ghost in her walkabout. I promised to do this ghost hunt for my university project about parapsychology although this was getting too much. I wanted to go home so that I can transform in private.
I feel so cold! I bend over and fall on the floor, to be my wolf self. There I am, Indigo. I'm 21 years old and a student. They think I'm a geek.
The spirit must be watching this. Once I'm the real me, I forget the research and leave the bloody house. I run through the woods, and make my way onto the main path so that I can go home.
The house isn't far now. BANG!
I fall as a sudden terrible pain shows inside me and I can't go on running anymore. I can't get up. Then I saw shapes, and men wih rifles, come this way, aproaching... I can see them... they shout.
"We've shot a wolf!" I hear. They sounded pleased.
"That will be the end of the sheep slaying, damned beast!" snarled one man when he came to me.
They think I'm dead...
I can't breathe anymore... I can't see them now...
The darkness is cold. I've never felt SO cold!
I woke up... inside a room. The men have gone. Gone? But where am I?
Then I stir in my giddiness. I'm sat on a bed, wearing a long white gown and there are sapphires in my hair. Where am I? Was it a dream?
This woman in grey holding a candle enters the room.
"Hello Indigo, wolfgirl, how are you feeling?" she asked.
"Who are you?" I don't know her!
"Oh but you were here nights ago with the camera, hoping to film us for your project," said she.
"Yes, that's true but it was tonight, or last night..." I couldn't remember.
"No, it was five nights agom Indigo," she said. "You were killed outside by hunters."
I won't bore you with all the feelings going around my sore head. It was true. She explained how I was shot dead by those men, and my body was still in wolf shape, unrecognisased by friends, known by family. As spirit I've returned human.
Grieving my death, I shapeshift into a spirit wolf. My project was basically over. I found her, the Grey Lady, but there were more spirits that lived here. I ran from the house, and entered the woods, howling as a ghost wolf. I feel sure hunters could here me. It made them feel cold.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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