Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Sandra Echo Amber

The house was very old. It was built centuries ago during the reign of Richard II. The house was very grand in its day. Now it was a wreck.
I must be the first in my family to come back to this place in more than a hundred years. The original home, den of the Amber family. Once, we were nobles, a landowning family with some authority over the town of Echo, South England, Wessex county.
I understand it was haunted, yes. People reported seeing ghosts in the windows and in the back garden. I checked it out. The garden was full of weeds, but there was a rusty swing that hasn't been used since Victorian times.
I could smell the scent of foxes, mice, bats, squirrels and hares, but I decided to leave them alone. I went to inspect all of the the rooms and it was beyond repair. No way I could afford millions of pounds on renovation, but I could have parts of it demolished and conserve the front? Maybe I should.
Yet at the front the house was so fairytale looking and pretty. It was set on steps with big poplars and yew trees. The house was chocolate coloured bricks, frames and panels. The windows were narrow with stained glass. There was a round window in the top tower and the front door was arched by marble and twisted jasmine. In my wolf's shape, discreetly as can be, I explored the house and its gardens, front and back.
As I returned indoors, I became fixated by a very weird bloody smell. It was awful, and hot. Something brought the fur on my back sticking up. I was feeling under threat. A cold breeze touched me and I it was followed by a murky dark bloody aroma like death. I wanted to get out.
Then I saw flickers of light across the walls. They were on the dusty old portrait paintings of my ancestors! Their eyes were all glowing! Unnerved, I rushed outside and hid in the bushes. I waited, and as twilight moved across the sky, I was a woman again. 
I went into the house, and noticed that the eyes of my ancestors on the portraits were still shining and glowing! I took one picture off the wall and found nothing behind it. I dropped it on the floor and left. I didn't want to go back inside. It made me change my mind about getting the place demolished. Perhaps the idea made the ancestors angry because they were all werewolves too. I shall leave the house alone, and one day I may go back if I feel like it.

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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