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Fenrir's Daughters: Tammy Violet

My name is Tammy and I'm in Fenrir's Daughters, a vast worldwide club for all girls and women who are werewolves.  During the full moon I become a wolf but ever other time I look human with strong wolflike senses. It's why I'm good at my job and I work for the Criminal Investigation Department in the police force. My colleagues don't know what I am but they like what I do. I've been good at tracking down criminals.
Now I came across a mystery that was a reopened cold case. More than twenty years ago, a teenager went missing from home. She was an eighteen year old girl named Ashleigh. None of her old school friends knew where she was. Investigations ran cold when it came to a dead end.
Now Ashleigh's mother passed away last week, and a new lead emerged. The half brother, Jack, now in his twenties, mentioned that his sister was going to away to live on the beach in Newquay. Interesting. The last photo taken of Ashleigh shows a smiling girl with short chic blonde hair. Did she have a friend in Newquay? A distant relative? Well, my colleagues found no evidence of this either. I visited Newquay and looked around the train station first, knowing that Ashliegh could've walked here twenty years ago.
I needed something else. I wanted a personal item of Ashleigh's not touched by anyone else. There was only a teddy bear in a plastic bag obtained from her mother's old house. The toy smelled of Asheligh, identical to her old bedroom and smelled bad, similar to skunk cabbage.
I traced the smell from the bedroom, to the old walls of the streets in York, the signature on cobblestones, then the treck to the railway station. It stopped there. It meant she'd boarded a train. I visited Newquay a second time, following the scent. Her brother had been right. I tracked the smell to the street, then it went dead. It was just a paving stone. Her scent stopped right there, so I knew she might've got into someones car.
It took months of finding out through old records that she reappeared in Brighton, briefly as a tenant in a board house, but not appeared on the electoral roll, and never opened a bank account or claimed welfare. I found that this old lodgings house was a car showroom today, and the former owners dead.
I managed to follow her  scent up to the town centre, and strongest along the beach.
No other average person could do what I've done. I've followed my powerful sense of smell here and it helped me track this girl's old whereabouts even if it was so long ago. Yet her horrible scent carried with it something dark, which I failed to look into. It was the smell of death, and in order to smell like that travelling across the country, she would had to have been dead!
I returned to York and visited the mother's former home, now empty. I went into Ashleigh's old room and picked up the teddy bear. I used my hair grip to tear open the stuffed animal, and there inside it was a crumpled skirt, soft paper and red hair. The skirt, bear, tissue and paper belonged to Ashleigh but not the strands of red hair.
Eventually, I discovered Ashleigh. I say it in sadness. In Brighton, ten feet under concrete of the car showroom, was her body. She's been buried in a plastic coffin filled with water and placed in an underground water well. I knew then that the killer wanted to conceal her scent from dogs and I gathered that this murderer was a werewolf!
Ashliegh had been gorged to death, her limbs half eaten, and her heart removed. The killer would smell of Ashleigh forever, so it wasn't difficult to track him down in York. A middle aged man with red hair turning grey. He didn't suspect in a million years that a werewolf would enter the ranks of policing. He was a lone predator werewolf in England but unfortunately not the only one. He was arrested and will be punished by the crown court and then by the alpha werewolf, Marielle Ice, cabinet minister.

(((Fiction stories of Fenrir's Daughters written by Rayne)))
All rights reserved. 
Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert

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