Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Wendy Terror

Hello, I'm Wendy and here is my story. The wine was off again and not replaced. The fruit in my room is mouldy. The maid hasn't bothered to run my bath. Another maid didnt put curls in my hair, nor painted my eyes using the finest belladonna cosmetics. I wore gold leaves around my neck the finest silk gowns of the season. It's silver with tiny crystals. But what am I looking like this for?
I meet fiance, Nestor, in the patio garden, as cold mist rises above the surrounding forest. I can see the white villas and temples now. The mountains are coated in ice. I want to go there tonight and feast on a corpse. Nestor's evil mother won't allow him to spend time alone with me anymore.
She wants him to marry the fairest island's Princess Talisha with hair redder than the sunset. She wants descendants with red hair, the sign of magic. She won't look at me over breakfast as I nibble on bread and fish. It's tastless and I barely touched it really. The hag in her purple dress and black ringlets stands with her back to me, as she stares off into the distance, talking only to Nestor as though I wasn't even there.
I can hear the cry of birds, alerted by an eagle approaching. Nestor coldly touches me and then links arms with his mother, as they go off to ponder and cry under the dead lemon tree.
I feel so much anger now. They're plotting to kill me. I won't let them do this. I am the beautiful one. Not red hair! I'm Wendy, and a descendant of Cerberus.
That night, slipping into my wolf self, I head off into the coldest night from the palace, and make my trip to the mountains. There, as the full moon rises big and bold as a brazen naked goddess, I howl. My sound echoes and I scare all people in their houses. Then I come to the end of my journey, and it's sunrise. I return to my human form dressed in a tunic and fur cloak. I see the island in the distance over a vast sea. There are many trees over there, tiny lights, towers and scented smoke from cook fires. I can't reach the island but I want to kill that red haired princess so much.She's my rival.
I make the long tiresome walk back to the mountain. Another night gone. Another day gone. For weeks, months, all gone, wandering up to the coast and looking at the island.
Then in my room, a huge wolf manifested. It was grotesque with three snarling heads! But it was so intelligent and stared into my eyes. It knew me. He communicated with me telepathically. He showed me that I've actually been dead for years. I was killed by exposure and my body was found in the snow near the mountains one winter.
I remembered that I once travelled there in my wolf's shape, and after resuming my human shape, I wasn't able to cope with the freezing temperatures. For some reason, I continued living in spirit, not realising I was dead. No wonder Nestor and his mother didn't see me.
My story is chilling, because it happened four thousand years ago. I now operate in darkness, hunting for the dead, who wonder across the earth with the intentions of harming the living. I'm part of the Fenrir's Daughters, for life and death overlaps. Now I'm immortal like my ancestor Cerberus. 

((The Fenrir's Daughters fiction stories belong to author Rayne))
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Copyright © 2015 Rayne Herbert.

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