Monday, 18 January 2016

Fenrir's Daughters: Izel Coztic Cuetlachtli

Hello, my name is Izel. My family name is double barrelled and means "Yellow Wolf." Why? You may ask. Well it's like this:
I come from a long ancient tradition of shape changing. My ancestors could become wolves, not just when it's full moon, but during any moon and in the daytime.
When the sun is fullest in Summer, or when the blood priests came to get someone from the city for human sacrifice, my ancestors turned into wolves then.
Sometimes when threatened with fire from the angry guards, my ancestors turned into wolves only to escape. It's said the wolf people, along with the Spanish conquistadors, toppled the Aztec empire that haunted everyones lives.
My grandfather had an old book and its pages were so ancient that it might dust if opened. It remains closed.
Now my work in the science field has helped me to carefully X-Ray this very old book the past few days, page by page.
It was written in small pictographic letters of early Nahuatl language 900 years ago. There are details that interest me more than others.The animal people, including werejaguars (interesting) and werewolves, were respected. Males were incorperated into the Aztec armies. Females were treated as princesses. The deceased werewolves often died in their animal forms. It's why many unearthed wolf skeletons were found under Aztec, Mayan and Inca ruins are always covered in jewels.
If the ancestors were respected as much, why would they assist the brutal Spaniards into destroying the Aztec empire? It didn't make sense to me. This is only word of mouth, not on record. No Spanish writer mentioned werewolves and other werebeasts.
Besides that mystery, I've got one of my own. As I said before, I'm capable of turning into a wolf in the daytime if I choose but as the day wolf I'm also made of fire. I singe whatever I tread on but only if I shapeshift in the daytime.
At night, as wolf I glow as a bright moon. Why am I able to do this? No other person in my family is made of fire or glowing after their transformation.
The old book doesn't reveal secrets to me, but deepens the whole mystery further. I've no idea. I'm off now to give this book to the museum and perhaps someone else, more skilled than me, can once and for all decode the Nahuatl better than I can.
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