Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wolves in Wolves

This is a lighter subject from me, Wolf Girl Night.
I felt like mentioning this after just seeing how beautiful it looks: Howling wolf statues called Wolves in Wolves. The city of Wolverhampton saw a display of hand crafted wolves last year, placed in various corners and squares.
The wolf pack are statues painted in a myriad of colours to represent the names of the wolves with their own unique decourations. The artistic game of finding 30 colourful wolf figures throughout the city, and it was a charitable event that proved to be a success. 

Look at the wolf pack
Statues of the wolves

Wolves art display in Wolverhampton
Wolf pack sculptures

More at Wikipedia info on this
Wolves in Wolves

Wolves in Wolves Facebook page

Since the artistic event the wolves have been given new homes. My favourite wolf statues are Aurora, Fenrir and Sacred.
Howls ^^


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