Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Night of the Seagulls

This is a Spanish-Portuguese 1976 horror film directed by Amando de Ossorio, starring Lone Fleming and Cesar Burner. It's part of the "The Blind Dead" series of horror films that I shall be watching and reviewing on this blog in the coming weeks. I've started to watch the series beginning with "The Night of the Seagulls". It's the fourth film of the series but although it has the same theme, each of the films have different stories and characters.
This film is Spanish language but dubbed in English.
"The Night of the Seagulls" has got to be one of the most frightening films I've ever seen in a long time.This is, in my view, a true horror masterpiece. I was impressed and scared at the same time. The eerie scenes, the creepy storyline, the sound effects are atmospheric and also tense.
I found this pretty nightmarish. The film includes the undead Knights Templars who kill.
The beginning of the movie is set during Medieval times when a band of rogue Templars kill a travelling man and then they kidnap his wife. They take her to a castle and sacrifice her to a stone effigy that looks like a sea monster. Vampiric crabs feed upon the dead woman so that the knights can eat them and swallow the woman's blood.
Then it's the present era and a couple arrive to a town by car. The town is just spooky, filled with ruined buildings and very unfriendly locals. It's obvious that everyone is hiding something. The seagulls are actively screaming at midnight when there is a procession event.
I rate this movie 9/10 and I plan to watch another from the "The Blind Dead" series.
Most scariest part of the film: Undead riders on phantom horses are coming for you.
Howls ^^

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