Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Ginger Snaps

"Ginger Snaps" is a 2000 film starring Emily Perkins, Katherine Isabelle and Mimi Rogers. It was directed by John Fawcette and this film is a Canadian werewolf film. It's the first of a trilogy of Ginger Snaps horror films about two sisters, Ginger and Brigitte.
Ginger is the older sister, who is dominant over Brigitte. They both have a morbid hobby of taking death make-up photographs and having a blood pact. They live with their docile and aloof parents. Dogs are being found half eaten in the neighbourhood. A vicious predator responsible lurks in the woods. While the sisters try and get back at a school bully, one night during a full moon, Ginger is attacked by a lycanthrope.
Later, she bleeds and grows strange hairs on her body. Everyone thinks it's a normal part of growing up, although Brigitte suspects something terrible is changing about her sister. Ginger is no longer who she was.
The film is probably a 8/10 because of the special effects and tension.
Most funniest part: Werewolves on dope!


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