Friday, 2 March 2018


Its' been observed by a friend that the following happens:
The first day of March is always colder than it is on the first day of December. As I'm on the subject, it's been extremely cold the past week and for days it's been non-stop snowing. Winter is supposed to be leaving to make way for Spring. I've not yet seen a single flower of the season. I haven't noticed any snowdrops, daisies or winter crocus flowers yet. It's too early for the bloom of daffodils. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but the woods and fields are just barren, with only grey grass and bare trees. The conifirs are always thriving as they do because they're evergreens.
We've spent days clearing the snow and icicles off away from the den. We've had to shift big lumps of snow away from doors and gates. No one is enjoying it except for the kids. I haven't seen anyone really, not even people walking their dogs. The elderly are stranded in the warmth of shops as they feel too cold to leave them. Many don't have cars. I don't mind the lazy days or the meagre hunting except that it's a pain in the backside.
Another thing that my friend told me is how everyone is happy when it snows in December but when it snows after that month, the snow is very unwelcome. Nobody wants it. Go away snow and cold.
The curse of the Night King has entered the world from Ice and Fire, bringing the Long Night. Winter is here.
The extension of Winter could only mean one thing: the world is getting colder, not warmer.
I don't believe in global warming. I do certainly believe in global cooling and that we're due for another Ice Age. I don't want it to happen, believe me. The last Ice Age killed so many animals including the fantastic direwolves and mammoths.
Another observation that I've made myself is that Winter isn't natural. I don't think it should be, as the Earth was meant to be tropical. Well, it had been once, until some cataclysm shook the Earth so badly that it tilts and wobbles all the time now ever since it started many millions of years ago.
Also an odd fact: The snow can provide warm shelter if you know exactly how to dig into it and create a perfect cave within snow. The cold, not snow, kills more than snow itself but it doesn't help if there is both wind and snow.
Another observation is that early mornings are far more colder than other times of the day. Even in the Summer, when it's so warm and muggy, there is a temperature drop felt by some in the early hours. It's called the Dawn Winds. It's mostly an observation when only I've spent many hours awake. I don't notice it if I've just woken up in the mornings. To feel the Dawn Winds, you need to be awake throughout the night, and programme yourself to nap by noon. If you've worked nights, this will be easy to do and some are noticing it. The Dawn Winds are said to have their own colours, depending on the time of year and where in the world you are.
Signing off. Howls ^^ 

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