Sunday, 11 March 2018

Tombs of the Blind Dead

"Tombs of the Blind Dead" (1972) is a Spanish and Portuguese horror cult film, directed by Amando de Ossorio, starring Cesar Burner and Lone Fleming. It's the first of the "Blind Dead" series of horror films. The film is dubbed in English.
The opening scene is during Medieval times, and a woman is running away from knights templars. They catch her and carry her off into a castle, when they shackle her against a St Andrew's Cross. The knights torment the woman until she bleeds, and then they feed on her blood.
The next scene is set during the present time, well in the early 1970's. Friends, Roger, Virgina and Betty, meet up and decide to go on a train ride, but the sight of a castle on a hill makes them curious about it. The train drivers refuse to stop and informs the three friends that the train never stops there. Meanwhile Virginia doesn't like the way that her boyfriend, Roger, is flirting with Betty and in a moment of jealousy, she jumps off the moving train. She walks all the way up to the castle, to find that it's abandoned, ruined and empty. She stays for the night, but that was a very big mistake.
Virginia's dead body appears lying in a field. The police ask Roger and Betty what happened. Roger and Betty want to look for any clues so they head out for the ruined castle, and travel there by boat.  They manage to locate Virginia's shoes and sleeping bag. Roger and Betty decide to get help from a nearby smuggler called Pedro. 
The film is not disappointing. There are scenes of hooded skeletons and undead knights who ride on ghostly horses. A creepy graveyard where the resting knights wake up from death and feed on the living. An army of undead knights chasing the living, and many on undead horses. The undead knights feast on the blood of the living and a zombie Virginia makes a gruesome appearance later to frighten Betty.
I rate this film 7/10 for the scary and nightmarish scenes. There is a lot of 70's cheese going on amongst the living characters but the best parts is when they're running for their lives.
Most awesome shock: Zombie in the morgue. 
Howls ^^

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