Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Little Red Riding Hood

"Little Red Riding Hood" (2015) is a low budget horror play, directed by Rene Perez. It stars Iren Levy, Alanna Forte, Robert Amstler and Nicole Stark. Red Riding Hood carries a basket of food and medicine. She walks through the great green forest to visit her sick grandmother. The fairytale is only sort of true at the beginning, then she encounters a zombie knight. He warns her that the forest is too dangerous and not to go further but she's so scared of his appearance that she doesn't listen to him and runs off. Later she's confronted by a ferocious werewolf and she runs away again, chased by the werewolf until she arrives at a castle. The place seems safe for her but the werewolf doesn't go on. There are some very weird characters and a lot of vague moments that don't properly inform the viewer what's happening. Red Riding Hood ends up trapped in a beautiful castle, which is none other than Castello di Amorosa. Despite their sheer loveliness of scenic views of forest and castle, all are haunted by demons, left over creatures from Atlantis.
I got a headache watching this. The most scariest part is that I even watched it at all and making a review on it. I rate this film 1/10.
Howls ^^

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