Monday, 14 May 2018

I ask myself

This morning, I met up with a lady who was walking her dog. We've met before and she happened to ask me a if I wanted a bird. She was making an offering: a ripe bird, a rooster, and then she went on her way. She was saying that she couldn't keep it because she didn't intend it to happen. Someone gave her an egg that hatched, and she was left with a rooster for a pet. She said nobody else wants it. If I took it, I would eat it. It's in my nature as a lycanthrope.Then again, I don't actually want it either because I will feel very bad for what I would have for my dinner. That would be unfair for rooster. I guess buying a dead bird from a butcher's shop is different than taking a bird as a pet, only to eat it. So shall I leave it? Shall I accept and eat it? Or shall I control myself and give it to someone else? Or release it into the wild? I'm not able to keep such a tasty thing as a pet. Answer: Leave it. She can keep the bird. I don't want it. There now, dilemna solved
Howls ^^

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